Winning Laser Tag is a Piece of Cake with These 6 Handy Tips!

Laser tag brings a thrilling feel that everyone enjoys. Adults and kids alike enjoy their time in the laser battle with their family and friends. Everyone wants to play to their best abilities and get the satisfying feeling of being the victor. After all, the fun of the game is the adrenaline rush from trying to survive, so why not win as well? Read this blog for some winning tips to ace your next laser tag match!

Tips for Winning at Laser Tag

To get ahead in your next laser tag game, try these tips:

1. Stay on the Move

One thing to never do is stay in one position for long. It won’t be any fun if you do end up winning, but all you did was hide in one spot. Therefore, staying in motion will help you enjoy the game. Plus, you’ll be a challenging target to shoot due to constant movement. Moreover, staying on the move will help you take out your opponents and keep you on top of your game.

2. Don’t Literally Stay on the Low

Yes, you don’t want to catch everyone’s attention and become an easy target. But to pick off your opponents, make the most of height. A bird’s eye view will help you detect and take out your opponents, all the while giving you an advantage of a clear view. Keep in mind, though, that the opponent can do the same! So take advantage of the height while staying cautious.

3. Stay Low & Smaller

You must be thinking about how to stay low and use the height at the same time. While height can help you pick your targets, staying low can prevent you from becoming one. Like when you’re changing places, scoop low and crouch so as not to catch anyone’s attention. Remember, you’re not only playing to shoot but to protect yourself too. A single shot is all it will take to eliminate you from the game.

Your opponents will get many chances to shoot you; thus, to stay out of their sight, become smaller. Working on your sideways crawl can give you an advantage. In addition, turning sideways when you have been spotted and have nowhere to go can keep you alive. Turning sideways presents a narrow target for the opponent, as it hides your sensors.

4. Blend in with The Arena

While staying on the move is important, you should also have a few convenient hiding spots. You’ll need to take a breather and hide sometimes. In such instances, a hiding spot will come in handy. Additionally, it will be a fun way to surprise/sneak attack the opponent when they’re nearby.

Other than this, blending in means staying hidden. To do so, wear dark colors to camouflage yourself. Bright colors might make it difficult for you to remain unnoticed.

5. Get Familiar with the Arena

Exploring and knowing your surroundings will be a major help. If possible, take a few moments before playing to explore the arena and learn the layout. This can come in handy when an opponent is behind you, as you can easily dodge them using your knowledge.

6. Don’t Be Shy of Shooting

Shooting more will give you more chances of hitting the opponents. So, keep shooting to take out your opponents while making it hard for them to get their shots in.

Ready to Win a Laser Tag Match?

We are all rookies once when playing laser tags, but these tips can give you some edge. Now that you know how to win at the game bring your friends to Flip N Fun Trampoline Park for some exciting adventures. Dial (832) 602-5400 for more information.

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