Why Trampoline Parks Are Better

Trampolines are an amazing way to get physical exercise, whether you’re playing dodgeball, shooting some trampoline basketball, diving into the foam pits, or just bouncing around. Here are 5 reasons why getting your exercise at your favorite trampoline park in Houston should become your go-to move.


  • You’ll Never Want to Jog Again. It’s become clear that jumping around on a trampoline is not only far more enjoyable than jogging, but it is actually a better exercise. A NASA study found that trampolining is 68% more efficient than jogging when it comes to burning calories.
  • Your Inner Balance. Trampolines are great for improving your balance. The constant bouncing improves your balance by triggering sensors in your inner ear to fire at a faster rate, causing your brain and body to adapt and grow. Along with your balance, you’ll also see positive changes in your posture, coordination, and motor skills, making trampolining an amazing cross-training option for multiple sports.
  • The Greatest Supplement. Trampolining has an extensive list of medical benefits as well. If you come by to jump at your local indoor trampoline park, your bones will grow stronger, your immune system will improve, you’ll boost oxygen flow through your body, and your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems will get better. What do these changes mean? You’ll see weight loss, muscle gain, an increase in your muscle to fat ratio, cellulite loss, and a decrease in varicose veins.
  • The Rush of Endorphins. Like any great exercise, trampolining also provides endorphins to the body to boost mental health and happiness. And while getting the motivation to push through a weight-lifting session or a long run can be difficult, the easy to approach nature of trampolining makes it an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.
  • Rain or Shine. Outdoor exercise, particularly in Houston, can be a real struggle. You know you should get up and go for a run, but it’s too hot or it’s going to rain. However, with trampoline exercise, all you’ve got to do is get in the car and walk into an air-conditioned facility ready to go whenever you are. What could be easier?


Make trampoline exercise your go-to this summer, because it’s the best choice for so many reasons beyond the five listed here.


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