When is the Best Time to Visit a Trampoline Park?

You have not experienced fun in its purest form until you’ve spent some time at a trampoline park. If you have visited one in the past, then you won’t need a lot of convincing to do so again. If you haven’t, endeavor to include a trampoline park in your vacation plans this year.
Since summer is in full swing, parks will receive more visitors now than at any other period of the year. You need to be smart when planning your trampoline park visit and here are some tips to help you along:

  • Trampoline parks typically open around 10 a.m. from Sunday to Saturday. By noon, the attractions will start getting crowded. So, the earlier you visit, the better. Alternatively, you could just visit at any time and have fun with the other visitors.
  • Closing hours vary for different trampoline parks. For example, the Flip N Fun Center in Houston closes by 9 p.m. during weekdays and 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. As the closing hours approach, crowds are bound to thin out.
  • Children are on vacation at the moment, so weekdays will almost be as busy as the weekend. Before noon on Sundays, however, is a sweet spot. People are either in church or recovering from their Saturday night adventures.

Some people believe that the more people at a trampoline park, the more exciting the experience is. If you agree with this, then you need to plan for a visit. Just pick a trampoline park close to you and go have fun.

If you live around Houston, Flip N Fun Trampoline Park is the place to be this summer. Enjoy trampolining along with other attractions like laser tag, bumper cars, and a delectable pizzeria menu.

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