What to Wear to a Trampoline Park

There is a dress code for different occasions. You do not wear a tuxedo to the swimming pool and in like manner, you don’t wear swimming trunks to a dinner date. While visiting a trampoline park, there is a way to dress to avoid standing out like a sore thumb. Furthermore, some clothing items pose safety risks while trampolining. Here are some dressing tips for a visit to the trampoline park:

Wear form-fitting t-shirts

With a form-fitting shirt, you don’t have to worry about holding down your top while jumping. Women should avoid strapless tops that may get forced downward.

No skirts or dresses

Tight skirts and dresses restrict you from jumping while the loose ones blow up, revealing too much when you jump. Not a good idea.

Shorts are not ideal

If skirts are too restrictive, then shorts should be ideal for trampolining; well, they are not. Shorts expose your skin to plastic and trampoline burns.

Yes to yoga pants

Yoga pants are form-fitting, tight around the waist, and elastic enough to allow for free movement. They may not be ideal for work or for date nights, but they are great for trampolining.

No to socks

At the Flip N Fun Trampoline Park, all the trampolines are spic-and-span and there is no need to wear socks while jumping. Another reason to avoid socks is that they keep your feet from gaining traction on the board, increasing the likelihood of slipping.

If you need a fun time with friends, family, and colleagues, a trampoline park is always a good idea. If you live or work around Houston, visiting the Flip N Fun Trampoline Park is an even better idea. Side attractions include laser tag, bumper cars, and a delectable pizzeria menu.

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