What Is The Physics Behind The Bumper Cars?

Newton’s third law of motion comes into play on the bumper cars. This law, the law of interaction, says that if one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
And that’s how bumper cars were made for fun and joy.

How Do Bumper Cars Work?

Bumper car rides are designed so that the cars can collide without any danger to the riders. Each car has a large rubber bumper around it, which prolongs the impact and diffuses the force of the collision.
The bumper cars run on electricity, carried by a pole on the back of the car that leads up to a wire grid in the ride’s ceiling. This grid has the electricity that runs the car.
Electrical energy carried to the cars from the grid is converted to kinetic energy, and the rest of it is converted to heat.

How Does Drivers Have Fun?

When bumper cars collide, the drivers feel a change in their motion and get the thrill.
Though the cars may stop or change direction, the drivers can continue in the direction they were moving before the collision. The masses of the drivers also affect the collisions. A difference in mass between two bumper car riders will mean that one rider
experiences more thrill in motion than the other (The type of collision, the velocity of the cars, and the mass of the individual drivers all come into play in bumper car collisions.

How Are Bumper Cars Interactive And Fun For All?

1) Ditch the clichéd dinner and a movie, and embrace a date or family night that lets you interact in new and creative ways.
2) Spend time with your friends through adventurous activities, and enjoy competing with your siblings.
3) Bumper Cars may not be your first thought when you hear of a Corporate Event, but this fun activity is a great way to add some unique fun to your corporate event or celebration.

Final Note

Bumper cars are classy enough for adults to enjoy. But as soon as you step into one and start driving, you will realize that they are just as much fun as when you were a kid. Our bumper car ride at Flip N’ Fun Center encourages creative driving as you bump and bang into fellow drivers.
For more information, contact us and visit. Flip N’ Fun Center
(832) 602-5400.

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