What is a Trampoline Park?

They’ve been popping up everywhere, but what is a trampoline park, really?

No, it’s not just one trampoline someone’s dragged outside! Instead, it’s a whole building — and one part of the building just happens to be all trampoline. It’s similar to going inside a bouncy house, except trampoline parks are actually a bit safer. You can’t go in with shoes, there may be a safety video required, and there’s always supervision. But what do you do at a trampoline park?

You bounce. Yes, really! Trampoline parks are a great source of fun, especially if you have younger children. They can literally bounce off the walls, without hurting themselves, and they might even exhaust themselves out eventually. Trampoline parks have also been used for fitness — many offer special bouncing classes, with exercises and activities designed to get you in shape. It’s just a bonus that there’s no running involved, right?

If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’re in luck! There are trampoline parks popping up all over the place, so it’s easy to go in and check out the action.

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