What Do You Think? Is Laser Tag Better Than Paintball?

When the argument is between laser tag and paintball, it’s hard to take sides. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The best thing about laser tag is that it’s pain-free; you can keep playing it for hours, and you won’t feel any pain in your body. Paintball, however, is quite a painful ordeal. When you get hit with lasers in laser tag, you don’t feel any pain, and afterward, you have nothing to show for it. But, in paintball, you not only feel the pain but get a lot of paint stuck on your clothes and sometimes even on your hair.

The minimum age for children who wish to play laser tag is six at most locations. Suppose your children want to plan an outing for themselves, then laser tag can be a great choice. You could play it outdoors and have a fun time with your family, or you could take the game indoors and give everyone an opportunity to find a hiding spot and take cover.

Unfortunately, paintball is more of a game for grown-ups. The elders could, of course, have a good time. In most cases, you can only play it outdoors unless the facility you are at offers an indoor experience.

The best thing about laser tag is that you have a wide range of choices. You can choose whichever weapon you want, from a pistol to a shotgun to even a sniper rifle, unlike in paintball, where everyone has the same gun in their hand. In contrast, different players have different weapons in laser tag. But the most common thing about laser tag and paintball is that you have to spread out and play it strategically to win the game.

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