Want to Have Real Fun? Try Our Bumper Car Games

Whether you sit alone or you sit with your partner, a bumper car ride is always fun and exciting. But a bumper car is not only meant for bumping into each other’s vehicle, instead there are a number of games that can be played with these small fun-filled cars.

A ride of fun

Bumper cars are always an attraction for kids, even as small as three years. And when the adults team up with kids, the bumper car games become even more thrilling. The car spins as soon an opponent hits it from a side, or it just bangs with a thud and stops for a microsecond. In either case, the rider enjoys it and looks for even more exciting bumps.

Team coordination

When adults share the fun, the kids learn that winning a bumper car game needs strong coordination with each other. As each bump gives a point to the opponent, therefore, the rider needs to be careful in riding the car so that it unnecessarily doesn’t bump into the other car.

Digital Timer

All the latest bumper cars come with a feature of digital timer that helps to regulate the function of the ride. The timer checks the speeds, playtime, sound effects, and music. All these enhanced features increase the fun and also make the game exciting.

Shoot and spin

Certain bumper cars have a distinctive feature of shooting that works with infrared. The cars also have a digital display on the car’s dashboard. When the car shoots i.e., hits any other car, it spins around. The display board shows the record of the number of targets hit and even awards the points to the rider.

If you also want your family to have a fun time playing the bumper car games, then come to Flip N Fun and experience the excitement. Call us on (832) 602-5400 to know more about our bumper cars.

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