Trampoline Safety

When you think of a trampoline, you might think of the trampolines of the past — freestanding and huge, set on a platform or sometimes needing a ladder to climb up onto. Sometimes there was a net or type of fence around the trampoline, but not always. It doesn’t sound very safe, does it? You had to be careful how close to the sides you bounced, and maybe you couldn’t get a lot of people on it at once.

Those trampolines are nothing compared to the trampoline park facilities at Flip N Fun Center! First off, the trampoline park is a contained area — it’s big, but there’s no need for a net or other type of fence. Multiple people can bounce at one time — in fact, we encourage it. We do have a special bounce area for kids eight and under, who might be a little timid bouncing around big kids and adults. As far as safety goes, all of our trampolines have been tested with the heaviest frame system, and have a backup secondary bounce system. We also have rules for our bouncing — no denim and special socks are needed to bounce. In addition, there are no cameras or phones allowed (we wouldn’t want them to bounce out of your hands!)

 We take safety seriously across all the activities we provide, and before you’re allowed to play, you’ll need to fill out a waiver. You can do this online or in person, and it’s a simple form before you flip your way to fun.

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