Trampoline Parks: Hazard or Harmless

With the rise in popularity of trampoline parks, there has been an equal rise in eyebrows.  Parents everywhere are wondering if this exciting new activity is really a safe venture for youngsters.  It’s easy to dismiss the idea or to worry that your kids are in danger, but the truth is, kids will be kids regardless of where they are or what they are doing, and can hurt themselves anywhere.

Yes, this should absolutely be a place where kids and adults alike should be able to run around and have some fun, and it absolutely can be.  The best way to avoid injury while at a trampoline park, or any other recreational facility, is to follow any posted rules.   Along with that, here are a few other tips and tricks we have to be safe while having a blast.

  1. Your body is not a bumper car. By that, we mean if you go around bumping into people, chances are you’re going to have a gnarly collision at some point.
  2. Along with that, keep it to one person per tramp.
  3. Always land on either both feet or on your bottom. Landing on one foot or any other part of your body is an easy way to hurt something.  Specifically, don’t land on your head.

Don’t let your worries get in the way of a fantastic day out.  Come on by or give our events coordinator a call today at (832)602-5400.  Bring out the kid in everyone and give them something to talk about for years to come!

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