Trampoline Fun and Games

While basketball and dodgeball have adapted pretty quickly to the trampoline, there are still other games out there that can be adapted to the trampoline park. And no, we’re not thinking of football or hockey — but rather, traditional games you may have played when you were a kid as well!

HORSE isn’t just for basketball! This is probably one of the easiest to play on trampoline, because all you have to do is try and pull a trick that the other person can’t. If you’re good at flips, there you have it. It doesn’t even have to include flips either — because a trampoline bounces differently depending on the weight of the bouncer, it could be as simple as bouncing to land in exactly one spot. Another fun classic to adapt is Simon Says. This works best with younger children who are just getting used to bouncing and can follow simple rules like “Simon Says…bounce up and down twice with your hands in the air.”

If you want to incorporate more exercise into your trampoline activity, you can choose more endurance based competitions like, who can bounce while doing jumping jacks or even in a seated position the longest? Another good game to play while keeping exercise in mind is Hot Potato, although you always want to check with your local trampoline park and see if it’s okay to bring a ball onto the trampoline with you. Keeping the ball in the air and moving as you have to keep bouncing will truly stretch those muscles!

Above all else, though, trampolines should be fun! If you’re getting tired of the usual jumping and flipping tricks, why not try challenging your friends to a trampoline dance battle? That big air that helps with tricks? You’ll be surprised at how well it works for dance moves. No matter how you play on the trampolines, you’re getting great exercise.

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