Trampoline Basketball: Take Your Game to New Heights

Trampoline basketball is fast becoming one of the most popular hobby sports in the country. Successful college athletes are leading the way in perfecting technique, as well as improving stamina and cardio on the court.

Trampoline Basketball Science

When you play basketball on a traditional court you lose a significant amount of kinetic energy with each jump. The added element of a trampoline means the athlete can regain most of the lost kinetic energy on every rebound. The best players are able to anticipate the energy transfer and use it to reach all new heights.

Perfect your Timing

Timing is everything when playing trampoline basketball. You need to judge the time from your initial jump to your landing and subsequent rebound. Inexperienced players often wait until the last minute to jump, giving experienced opposition players plenty of time to anticipate and block attempts to score.

The same principle applies to players in defensive positions. The timing of a jump is essential in being there when the other team attempts to slam a basket. This takes focus, so it’s important to practice with your team to perfect the ability to synchronize your jumps with opposition players.

Improve Stamina

Although you gain kinetic energy from jumping, trampoline basketball will wear you out faster than the traditional court sport. Professional players practice in hot temperatures to improve cardio so they can jump for longer without tiring out. If you want to bring your game to new heights, cardio training geared specifically towardtrampoline basketball is an essential part of the game.

Center Rules

It is important to follow the center rules when playing trampoline basketball. At the Flip N Fun center, we are focused on a family fun atmosphere. We invite competitive athletes to come along and take their game to new heights. Call today to check bookings and get in on the fun!

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