Top 5 Easy Jumping Tricks to Try on a Trampoline

Seeing those cool trampoline tricks surely makes you want to try them. The good news is: you can! But, you want to be sure that you can try the tricks. So before you try anything, learn the basic jumps to warm up and try the advanced back flips and other tricks. Luckily for you, we’ll tell you exactly which tricks to try and how to perform them in this blog.

Easy Tricks to Try on a Trampoline

Are you new to the trampoline? You can try these simple and easy tricks that will help you perform the advanced ones later:

1. Seat Drop Jump

The most basic and easiest jump to start with is a seat drop jump. It’s simple: you’ll land in a sitting position with your legs stretched in front of you. To try this trick, start by jumping up and down, and add a little more bounce with each jump. When you reach the high jumps, swing your legs in front of you. Remember to put your arm beside you, palms facing the trampoline mat. Your bottom and hands will take the weight of the bounce. Lastly, put yourself in an upright position after you land.

2. Tummy Drop Jump

In a tummy drop jump, you’ll land on the trampoline mat while facing downwards, returning to the upright position afterward. Tummy drop jump also starts with jumping and increasing bounce with each jump. When you’re high enough, lean forwards and straighten your legs as much as you can. Put your hand in a diamond position in front of you to protect your head from the bounce. Once you bounce, your belly button will be in the middle of the trampoline. Then, use your arms to put yourself in an upright position.

3. Back Drop Jump

With this jumping style, the backdrop would have most of the impact around your shoulder blade area as you land on your back. When you’ve reached high enough after jumping up and down, lean backward until you can see the sky. Next, point your arms and legs straight up, making a U shape with your body. You’ll bounce on your back; swing yourself in an upright position using the momentum of the bounce.

4. Half Turn Jump

A half-turn jump looks pretty cool, turning your body 189 degrees when you’re in mid-air. When you land on the trampoline mat, you should be facing the opposite direction. Start by increasing the bounce with each jump. Once you’re high enough, bounce and rotate your body halfway. Swinging your arms will also help with the mid-air rotation. You should land facing the opposite direction of when you started.

5. Full Turn Jump

Do you know what is much cooler than a half-turn jump? A full-turn jump, of course! You’ll rotate your body fully in mid-air in this trick. To do so, start jumping and increase the bounce with each jump. Rotate your body all the way as your arms swing to the air when you get some high jumps. Upon landing, you should be facing the direction where you started.

Ready to Try Some Cool Trampoline Tricks?

Now that you know some cool ways to jump on a trampoline, visit Flip & Fun Trampoline Park with your friends to show off. Remember that you should try these tricks on a safe trampoline with enclosed net and safety paddings on its strings. Dial (832) 602-5400 for more information.

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