The History Of Laser Tag. Ever Wondered How It Came Into Being?

Seeing a recent science fiction flick, it is only natural to want such technology in real life. Well, if you can relate to this feeling, you are not alone. A similar idea occurred to George Carter when he viewed the 1977 Star Wars Film. Hence, that idea transformed into our beloved laser tag industry. A form of entertainment that has many fans worldwide both adults and kids like the game. Many individuals are dedicated to this sport for them this game is a real life first person shooter. In this blog, we will discuss the history of laser tag.

The Origins:

Back in 1977, technology didn’t exist to turn the idea of laser tag into reality. However, during the late 1970s and early 1980s, the American military experimented with MILES, a combat training practice that used laser guns. George was quick to capitalize on the technology and commenced the first laser tag arena in Dallas, Texas.

Carter, as a result, established Photon, and soon his arena gained popularity among millennials. Two years later, Photon released its toys in the market. At the same time, Worlds of Wonder introduced “lazer guns” toys in the market.

Similarly, to capitalize on the new trend, many other companies soon joined the call. However, for the incoming years Photon and Worlds of Wonder dominated the market.

A tragic incident:

In 1987, a tragic incident occurred when a deputy accidentally shot a teenager playing with a laser gun at night. Deputy claims to observe a flash from the gun of the teenager. The cop reacted by firing two shots. However, when the cop went near to investigate, to his shock, the weapon he responded to was a toy.

The incident was not an isolated event. Few similar events also occurred in due time. Consequently, parents raised concerns about the safety of such toys.

Out of business:

The safety concerns of many parents coupled with the stock market crash and the wearing trend of Star Wars, caused the toy sales to fall. Eventually, many associated businesses, including Photon and World of Wonder, went out of business.

The prospering industry:

The initial setbacks in the history of laser tag didn’t stop the laser tag industry from making progress. Many people anticipated that the laser tag game would eventually go extinct, but gladly they were wrong. The laser tag is still growing strong with many happy users. Many arenas have popped up worldwide, along with many trendy pieces of equipment hitting the market every year.

It is interesting to note that the laser tag has now grown out of the shadow of Star Wars. And that brings me to a question, ” Should Star Wars be given the credit of laser tag’s birth in the first place? “.

You can give the question a good thought while you hide in our smoky labyrinth of laser tag. Dedicate yourself to the fantastic sport at our exclusive laser tag arena, and discover why the millennials were so crazy about the sport. For more information about the sport, you can call us at: (832) 602-5400.

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