Stick to these Three Safety Tips for a Fun & Safe Bumper Car Ride

Bumper cars are the evergreen rides that everyone loves. Almost all of us have special memories of these rides, whether sitting with our parents or riding them for the first time. That smell of electricity, the long poles attached to the ceiling, the excited voices of people, bumping into cars, not being able to move the ride an inch, or the ride going round and round — all of it is nostalgic. It is relatable to everyone, and we all have similar memories regarding it.

Three Safety Tips to Ride Bumper Cars

Do you have a memory of getting an injury, even if minor, when you were riding a bumper car? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don’t. Either way, it is always important to follow a few safety tips to avoid any trouble. Moreover, it will help us treasure bumper car rides as a good memory instead of a traumatic one. Thus, try clinging to these safety tips the next time you get on that small car ride:

Make Sure There Is Nothing Wrong with The Ride
It is the responsibility of park owners to ensure that the bumper cars are maintained and in shape. Similarly, if you go to an adventure park, check the car before sitting in it. Does the ride look damaged? Are there any missing parts? Is the seat belt too loose?

Although it is not common, you can get whiplash with bumper cars. Thus, you should not take any risks and inform the ride operator if you notice any problems. Moreover, don’t sit on the ride if they dismiss your concerns.

Don’t Overlook Safety Guidelines
Safety guidelines are there for a reason! Please don’t ignore them. Many people get injured because they don’t give any importance to the safety guidelines. For instance, if your child gets into a bumper car, do not ignore the age and height limits. Only let your child sit if they fit the criteria. Why? Because it could be that your child is too young to be safely strapped into a bumper car. Or maybe they won’t have the muscle strength to endure the stop-starts. Keep all of this in mind when going for a ride. Remember: your safety is always the priority!

Don’t Let Your Child Ride a Bumper Car by Themselves
Your child might want to ride alone, with no adult accompanying them. Don’t let them! It is not a learning experience, but it can put them at risk of an accident. Even if the ride looks safe, a parent, older sibling, or guardian should always go with the child for supervision. Moreover, the passenger should be a responsible, attentive adult. They should be equipped to deal with situations like the child suddenly wanting to get off the ride, standing up, or hanging their arms.

What’s the Takeaway?

Riding a bumper car might be an exhilarating experience, but don’t ignore the safety instructions. Respect what the ride operator has to say. Also, teach your children to follow the rules as well. With safety and fun, you can have an amazing night with family or friends. Do you want a fun-filled night? You can visit us at Flip N Fun Trampoline Park.

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