Did you know that originally, the trampoline was developed as a training tool for NASA?

It became so much fun though, that the people training on it began to tell other people, and to spread the word about trampolining. It might not be a training tool anymore, but you can certainly tell people that you’re training for NASA when you’re heading to the trampoline park for the third day in a row.

Did you know that originally, the creators of the trampoline envisioned whole new sports developing from the use of the trampoline?

Not like basketball or dodgeball, which many trampoline parks have in play today, but they actually tried to create a new sport, called Spaceball. Their ideas never fully took off, though it’s still possible to incorporate many old games into trampoline activities. There are the organized ones again, like basketball, dodgeball, and even tournament jousting. It’s also possible to play games amongst yourselves while on the trampoline, like Hot Potato or Simon Says. While games involving trampolines never fully took off in the public eye, trampolining in its regular form has actually been an Olympic sport since 2000. How’s that for some mainstream exposure?

Did you know that the first trampoline park opened in 2004, in Las Vegas?

Originally, the facility was designed with a similar idea as Spaceball in mind — only instead of one singular sport, the teams would compete in mixed sports. Ah, and we’re getting closer to the kind of games we see get played at trampoline parks today. However, as with Spaceball, the sports themselves didn’t take off. People again were more interested in the activity of bouncing. That’s it; that’s all they wanted to do. The facility re-grouped and opened again as just trampolines, nothing more. Las Vegas Sky Zone opened in 2004 as the first official trampoline park.

Did you know that in 2017, there are over 400 trampoline parks open worldwide?

Trampoline parks spread by word of mouth, and as word of mouth increased, it didn’t take long before you could find a park in every major city in the US. All parks start with the same concept: indoor trampolines, but the way that they develop depends on what the people want. Trampoline parks are truly people driven, and they’ll continue to grow and develop to this day. They make a great addition to the world of family entertainment, and are much more family-friendly than some options out there.

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