Safety Tips for Kids Riding Bumper Cars

When it comes to fun and excitement at amusement parks, there is an unmatched adrenaline rush when we hear bumper car rides. These are a timeless ride which not only offer children but adults the joy of driving and friendly collisions in a safe and controlled environment. Speaking of kids, it is highly important to ensure that they are safe while enjoying this activity with a group of friends.

While adhering to some essential safety tips, children can not only have a more delightful experience but parents can also enjoy peace of mind. Let’s talk about some safety guidelines in detail.

Right Age Bracket

Ensuring that your child meets the minimum age and height requirements set by the amusement park. Remember that safety starts with you. It is important to make a conscious decision to let your child go in the first place. These restrictions are there for a reason which is to ensure the safety and proper fit of seat belts and harnesses.

Use Seat Belts and Harnesses

This goes without saying but always fasten your seatbelts and harnesses securely before the ride starts. Check that the belts are snug and properly latched onto the child. Teaching children about the importance of safety belts is paramount throughout the ride.

Stay Seated

Bumper car rides can be enjoyable if you are seated at all times. Otherwise you can fall and get hurt by the bumps. Instructing children to remain seated and avoid standing up or leaning out of the car is really important. This will help prevent the risk of injuries.

Ride Operator Briefing

Encourage children to listen carefully to the briefing of the ride instructor. This helps them grasp some essential rules and tips to enjoy the ride. Otherwise, kids tend to panic as the ride starts.

Choose the Right Car

Make sure your child selects a bumper car that fits them well. Some parks have multiple sized cars which can accommodate various age groups. Quickly inspect the car to ensure it is in good condition without any loose parts or exposed wiring.

Accompany Your Child

If you are not mentally ready to leave your child alone, it is best to accompany them. Your presence can help ensure the safety of the child while he rides the bumper car. Make sure that they are comfortable at all times. Try to assist them when needed.

Understand the Ride Rules

Make sure to read the ride rules with your child before their turn. Help them understand and agree to follow the given rules. Remind your children about the key safety points like keeping seated and keeping seatbelts fastened.

Be There Until the Ride Ends

As a parent, your job is to be there during the whole ride. If you are not accompanying them in the ride, always be there to keep an eye, and cheer for them. This helps keep the child motivated and seen during the ride. In case of hysteric crying or panic, you can always ask the operator to stop.

Overall Summary

Bumpy car rides are a classic when it comes to amusement parks. You can get a kick of driving while enjoying the thrashing of cars with like-aged people. However, to enjoy it fully – children must adhere to some safety tips. Some of which include fastening belts, keeping seated, learning and following rules.

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