Safety and Fun During Pandemic

Most of the time, safety and fun don’t go along well. It is either you are safe and boring (lame) or having fun yet in danger. Then Covid-19 came, and it made safety and fun even far alongside with each other. Having had the pandemic for almost 3 years, we have come to realize that it won’t go any sooner as more and more variants come and infect people. But people are smart, we won’t let Covid-19 consume us. Maybe it is harder to find nowadays, but Safety and fun during pandemic are still possible!

In the past years, experts have created vaccines and established safety protocols to keep us safe and healthy. But we won’t talk about the boring stuff that you are not interested in and move on to the fun part.

If you are looking for a fun and safe place to go, Flip N Fun is where you should go. Safety and fun are their jam even before the pandemic. Their trampolines feature the heaviest frame system in the industry, as well as redundant beds, (a backup safety system beneath the main jumping surface) and custom springs (we use twice as many as our competitors). Enjoy safe jumping fun for all ages, including a jump area just for kids 8 and under.

If that didn’t excite you, then we still have more exciting stops for you! From Bumper cars, Laser tag, Rock Climbing, Sky trail, and Arcade we got you. You’ve got a lot of choices to do with your family, friends, or loved ones. We can guarantee your safety while having fun with us. We have a lot of thrilling activities waiting for you.

But before we forget, we can assure you that all amenities are clean and safe to use. Flip N Fun together with our expert cleaning crew will be on the site working day in and out to provide disinfection. We make sure that we follow Covid safety protocols by systematically cleaning higher contact areas on and off the premises.

You can check our website for more details flipnfuncenter and for inquiries, you can contact us through (832) 602-5400. We are located at 5379 W. Richey Rd Houston, TX 77066, Come and visit us. Also, check our website for the operating hours so you can be properly guided. We can’t wait to see and have fun with you all.

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