Flip N Fun Center Houston, W. Richey Rd, TX 77066, WillowBrook, Jersey Village, Aldine, Spring, North West Houston, Kohrville, Klien, Louetta, The Woodlands (832) 602-5400 5379 W. Richey Rd Houston, TX 77066 Trampoline Park:$12 Laser Tag:$8 Bumper Cars:$5

Rules & Regulations

Trampoline Park Rules

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FLIP N’ FUN Center Guidelines

All participating guests must sign waivers. All guests under 18 must have a guardian sign a waiver.


  • Are not allowed to wear denims (jeans).
  • Must wear grip socks. ($2/pair per guest)
  • Must not carry sharp objects, cameras, and phones while jumping.
  • Must not carry food and drinks on the trampoline.

LASER TAG Warriors

  • Are not allowed to run.
  • Are not allowed to hit each other with the phaser.
  • Must be 48’’ of height.


  • Must be 46″ of height to enjoy this attraction.
  • Must wear seat belts.
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FlipNFun Center 77066