Round, Square, or Octagonal — Bounce Through the Different Trampoline Types

It’s always fun to visit a trampoline park. You can enjoy some time off with your friends and family by jumping on the trampoline. Do you know the trampoline you love to bounce on comes in many different shapes and types? Yes, you can choose from multiple types of trampoline to pick what you like. But, since you have your trampoline park to go to and have a fun time at, you can learn about the different types for informational purposes. What do these various trampolines have to offer?

What are the Different Types of Trampolines?

You might be surprised to learn the history of a trampoline. Did you know it has been around since the 20th century? Fascinating, right? Being around since the 1930s has given trampolines a chance to evolve and take other shapes. Below, you can see the different types of trampolines available:

1. The Infamous Round Trampoline

You must be familiar with the round trampoline. This is the type of bouncing canvas that you’ll probably spot in someone’s backyard. Round trampolines come in many sizes and make for a great outdoor sport. Moreover, they have the tendency to guide you back to the center when you’re bouncing on one. Thus, you’re less likely to get hurt using this type. This is why it’s also considered safe to use for children.

2. The Edgy Rectangular Trampoline

When the shape changes, the bounce pattern of the trampoline shifts too. You’ll feel a lot different when bouncing on a rectangular trampoline after using a round one. When it comes to rectangular vs. round trampolines, professionals and gymnasts prefer the former. Furthermore, they don’t require a lot of space and are easy to move due to their shape. However, they might be a bit more costly than round trampolines.

3. The Boxy Square Trampoline

When you want something that falls between round and rectangular trampolines, you get square trampolines. They’re an excellent purchase for someone who is just starting out. Although they’re expensive, you can use them for training and having a little fun. In addition, you can use square trampolines for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

4. The Ultimate Octagonal Trampoline

Yes, you read it right: you can find octagonal trampolines. Many people love having an octagonal trampoline because they’re quite large and allow many people to bounce simultaneously. Nonetheless, you’ll need to be mindful of the weight restrictions for everyone’s safety.

You can have a good time with your loved ones by having a trampoline bounce party on an octagonal canvas. Moreover, several kids at a time can play and enjoy their time.

5. The Unique Water Trampoline

You can bring water to your trampoline to play games. Or, instead of playing water games on a trampoline, you can go the other way around. Water trampolines allow you to have fun in different settings. It is an inflatable pad you can jump on while on the water. People often use water trampolines in unique and innovative ways. For instance, you can use it with a water slide. There are many fun activities you can enjoy with a water trampoline,

The Closing Word

You can find many types of a trampoline, from the classic round-shaped one to a water trampoline. If you’re in the mood for some bouncing fun, visit Flip N Fun Trampoline Park with your loved ones. Our address is 5379 W. Richey Rd Houston, TX 77066. You’ll find us on the left of Iglesia Evangelica Restauracion.

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