Playing Dodgeball Trampoline Safely

The craze sweeping the nation for the ultimate elimination game is dodgeball trampoline. This game combines the competitiveness of dodgeball with the fun and flexibility of multiple trampolines, making it both fun and challenging. However, no one wants to injure another player or get hurt themselves when playing a game. If you are playing dodgeball trampoline, you want to do it safely so that it stays fun for everyone. Here are some safety tips to remember before you head out on the dodgeball trampoline court.

Wear the Right Gear for Dodgeball Trampoline

You want loose, comfortable clothing when you head to the trampoline park for air-dodgeball. At Flip N’ Fun Center, we ask that our guests do not wear jeans or denim when they come to play dodgeballtrampoline. Also, you must have grip socks to wear on the trampolines, which is for your safety. Make sure you do not have any objects in your pockets when you head out on the court, not even your phone. These objects can come out when you are diving through the air and can pose a risk to other players.

Never Aim for the Head

Not only is it against the rules to hit an opponent in the head when playing dodgeball trampoline, it is the most likely way to cause an injury. The point is to have fun. Although this is a competitive game, never purposely throw a ball at the head area of a player.

Protect Yourself When Leaving a Game

If you are hit or called out of the game, make sure to protect yourself as you leave the dodgeballtrampoline court. Cover your head and ears with your arms to protect them in case a stray ball comes flying your way as you are navigating your way to the sidelines.

We want everyone to have a blast when they come to play at Flip N’ Fun Center, but we also want everyone to be safe. Give us a call to learn about reserving a dodgeball trampoline court for your next party, or just come in and join a game.

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