Out Of The Parks – Creative and Unexpected Uses Of Trampolines.

Trampolines are not just a significant attraction of parks. They have proved their worth even outside the parks. Here are a few fun and unexpected uses of trampolines.

Safety Net:

These are the earliest forms of trampolines and many consider them as the bright idea that gave us our beloved trampolines.

Circuses and firefighters mainly used the safety net. Many cartoons and T.V shows demonstrated these trampoline-like structures used by firefighters. These cartoons are the reason behind the fame of this bouncy structure.

The elasticity of the fabric used for the safety net reduced the impact of landing. Hence, it saved lives by minimizing injuries caused by a fall from towering heights. These nets worked on the same physical phenomenon as that of modern-day trampolines.

Rebounding or Mini Trampoline:

Many of us don’t seem to get enough of trampolines. Thus, now we have “bite-size” trampolines called rebounders. You will find them mostly in gyms to harvest all the health benefits trampoline has to provide. Exercise on a trampoline makes exercise much more fun as everyone loves to get fit while jumping.

Trampolining has immense health benefits as it tones every muscle of your body. Apart from apparent muscular gain, it also helps to improve coordination, balance, and posture. It also boosts your immune system and energy levels. Therefore, there is much to gain from exercise on the trampoline. Hence,it is perfect for an immediate gym sensation.

Job Training:

During World War II, U.S flight schools used trampolines to train pilots. The training helped pilots to improve their balance while performing tricky aircraft maneuvers. After the war, the use of trampolines became common for training of astronauts and armed forces. Both Americans and Soviets used trampolines to simulate space flight positions.

Currently, many athletes use trampolines as a full-body exercise and to increase their flexibility. The use of trampolines by athletes and their ability to perform seemingly impossible moves has made trampolining an attractive sport.

Trampolines In Sports:

Olympic games since 2000 have featured trampolining as a sole competition based on trampolines. The performer has to bounce up to the height of ten meters and execute somersaults and twists. Apart from the exclusive sport dedicated to trampolines, they are also used in jumpy variants of basketball and volleyball.

For Education:

Trampolines themselves demonstrate the cyclic nature of energy. Furthermore, teachers have used them to explain the three laws of motion. Furthermore, The University of Bremen and German Aerospace Center has used trampolines to show and explain the feeling of weightlessness.

Flip N’ Fun Trampoline Park:

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There are many uses of trampolines outside parks, and they have proved their worth among many professions. From gymnasts to teachers, each of them has found a creative and unexpected use for trampolines. In addition, they provide enormous health benefits, so head out to Flip N’ Fun Trampoline Park for a unique, fun, and healthy experience.

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