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Laser Tag Houston. Flip N’ Fun Center is the best family fun under one roof in Houston! Our premium facility is designed for great family fun, unforgettable birthday parties, and totally amazing group or corporate events. Our safety-enhanced, redundant-bed trampolines offer several areas for fun-loaded activity including Basketball, Dodgeball, the Gladiator Beam, and more! Flip N’ Fun Center is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Whether you’e been in a rut with what to do for your next work function or the kids are itching to get out of the house and do something different, there’s no better place than Flip N Fun in Houston.

In order to ensure your safety and make trampolining as fun as possible this spring, here are a couple more trampoline park dressing tips: No to jewelry or accessories You won’t enjoy your visit to the trampoline park very much if you end up losing your favorite necklace and earrings. Trampolining gets the blood flowing, it strengthens the muscles, and it helps people find better balance and coordination. It is particularly effective as a cardio exercise; more calories are burned while jumping than jogging, and even as your heart beats faster than ever before, you hardly feel tired.

There is a dress code for different occasions. You do not wear a tuxedo to the swimming pool and in like manner, you don’t wear swimming trunks to a dinner date. While visiting a trampoline park, there is a way to dress to avoid standing out like a sore thumb. Your baby’s fourth (or sixth) birthday is just around the corner and you have no idea what to do. Some ideas come to your mind but you dismiss them just as quickly as they are formed. Well, here are some more fun ideas for you to dismiss (or not).

Nothing is what it seems in the secret, forbidden environs of Area 51. What or who will you encounter as you blend strategy with bold action to defeat the opposite team? Our Laser Tag arena combines an eerie setting of fog and flashing black lights to create challenging game play with up to 24 Game Phasers, including a special Phaser for the birthday kid! Enjoy free play or book your reservations for parties or events in the best Laser Tag arena in Houston. We do require minimum height requirement of 46 inches.

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