Laser Tag Party Games

Are you planning a birthday party or company event and want a fun, fit activity that everyone will enjoy? Laser tag is a great way to team build for employees, but it is also a blast for a birthday party. There are many different games and strategies that you can play within the laser tag arena, from the standard team elimination or “kill the captain” options, to more elaborate party games. Here are some laser taggame ideas for your next laser tag party or event.

Team Elimination or Kill the Captain

The two standard games in laser tag are team elimination and kill the captain, with many other games based on these two basic premises. Team elimination is simple; once all the players on a team are out, the other team wins.  Each member gets a standard amount of lives, and once they are gone, they are out. With kill the captain, the team that kills the other team’s captain first, wins. There are variations on kill the captain and elimination games to make it more intriguing. Team eliminationlaser tag can be a blast when it’s guys against the girls, or kids against the adults.

Capture the Flag – Laser Tag Style

This is a new take on an old game. Each team has a flag and the goal is to capture the other teams flag and bring it back to join their own flag. To win, you must have both flags at your starting point. This is a tough one – if a team member gets hit while carrying the flag, they die and must drop the flag. Capture the flag is a good laser taggame for adults and team building to use strategy and teamwork to win the flag and the game.

If you are planning a party or company event, make it memorable by booking a laser tag party at Flip N’ Fun Center. We have an incredible laser tag arena, our Area 51, with fog and flashing lights. Talk to our team about the different party games available for laser tag to make your next event one to remember.

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