It’s Healthy To Jump

Do you hate working out? A lot of people struggle to fit exercise into their daily routines, in part because they just don’t like the way they’re working out — but they don’t know that there’s another way. What if you exercised without realizing it? What if you got to have fun at the same time? Many people don’t realize how much of a workout a trampoline park can be, until they’re getting back in their car, and catching themselves yawning! But maybe that’s why the trampoline is the perfect workout, because you don’t realize how much of what you’re doing is actually boosting and benefiting your body.

Exercising on a trampoline is a superior aerobic activity that can help you burn calories and bolster your metabolism, immune system and many other vital organs. A solid trampoline workout can effectively train the muscles in your abdominals, legs, thighs and buttocks. Here’s how, and why:

Abdominal muscles are developed when you’re jumping up and down, because your movements are flexing and releasing. When you’re crouching down before the jump, you’re pulling yourself in tight — and when you bounce, it’s a big release. Have you noticed that the more often you go to the park, the better you get at bouncing? That’s because you’re activating your core muscles every time you jump, and because you rarely jump just once, you’re doing it over and over. We can’t promise a full set of abs from the trampoline alone, but studies have shown trampoline workouts are more effective for your core muscles than standard crunches and sit-ups.

Your legs, thighs, and buttocks are also toned in the jumping process. Think about it — there’s no time when jumping that your lower body isn’t doing some kind of work. Jumping on a trampoline comes to us instinctively, because we know how to hold the lower body in its correct position, but if you think about it, it’s easy to mess up. The act of jumping helps exercise those muscles automatically, though if you wanted to make it a harder workout, you could jump faster or slower. You could also move your arms in conjunction with your jumping to even turn this into a full body workout.

Trampoline workouts are also especially good for the joints, because jumping is considered a low-impact activity. As with any workout too, the constant activity of jumping will force your heart to pump more blood and circulate more often. Trampoline jumping is considered to be a moderate-intensity workout, and when done several days a week, helps meet the qualifications for a healthy lifestyle.

All these benefits from something as simple as putting on socks and bouncing on a trampoline? It must mean it’s time to drop everything and get to Flip N Fun.

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