Inflatables! Did You Know How Old They Are?

The structure for inflatables was designed by John Scurlock in 1959 when he was in Shreveport, Louisiana. Scurlock. At that time, he was working on creating inflatable covers for enclosed spaces.

When he saw his colleagues were jumping on the covers he designed, enjoying themselves, and having a great time, he further inquired. Soon he concluded that they were safe for children as well. Thus he began his business, Space Walk, providing children with inflatable amusement bouncers.

Eventually, his wife Frances Scurlock began a rental company for inflatables. In 1976, they began industrial manufacturing for inflatables, this was also when inflatables started becoming famous, but because they were expensive, they were restricted to carnivals.

In the beginning, inflatables were made of PVC, vinyl, and nylon. With time new shapes began to develop, they added walls to the mattress side, and then a few years later, they added netting walls. This is how modern-day inflatables came to be.

Today, inflatables are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs:

  • Bounce Houses: This is the most common inflatables available. They come in various sizes and shapes.
  • Combos: A combo may be a combination of a jumping house and a slide or perhaps more.
  • Slides: It doesn’t matter if they are needed for wet areas or dry places. Some slides come with a baby pool at the bottom; hence, persuading your child for a bath just got a lot easier.
  • Obstacle Courses: They are not so commonly found but are excellent at providing a fun time.
  • Interactives: Mostly found at carnivals and outdoor places, they make attractive stalls.

That’s about the history of inflatables, but if you are looking to take your children to a trampoline park so they can have the fun of their life, you need to come to Flip N Fun Center. You can also inquire about our offering by calling us at 832-602-5400.

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