Have You Ever Thought How a Laser Tag Works?

Laser tag guns have increased in their popularity over the decades and are commonly used as a source of entertainment in parties for both kids and adults. If you are a fan of laser guns, there can be no better way to gather your friends. This game gives an immense sense of satisfaction when each person shoots a beam of light at the opponent. But has anybody ever wondered how does a laser tag work? Let’s explore it today.

Working of a laser tag

Most of the laser tags don’t use lasers; instead, these guns use infrared lights that emit light as beams. Each gun has an emitter of infra-red light that is exceptionally directional. These laser guns work as a flashlight when the light is extremely thin and straight. The sensors of the gun absorb the light rays and use optical filters to detect.

Reasons for using Infrared light

Why these guns use infrared instead of real laser has its own interesting reasons. Firstly, a laser can be dangerous for both the user and the opponent on whom the laser will be shot. Even if the power of the laser is low, it can still damage the eyes. Secondly, a laser distracts the game because usually, people play the game in a dark room. Lastly, the real laser cannot record a shot. Whereas, for the laser tag game since infra-red light is used, it can be identified by a sensor. At the end of the game, each player gets a complete record of his/her performance. It would let the kids know how many people did he/she shoot and how many shots did he/she get. However, this is not possible with real lasers.

Getting to know the working of a laser tag increases the excitement of playing with them. All it does is uses an encoded infrared light beam with a sensor that receives the signal and recognizes it as a hit. The recording system makes the game even more exciting and adds fun to it. One such avenue to play a laser tag game is Fun N Fun, where you not only get to play the game but also get a chance to feel the real experience. Call us today on (832) 602-5400 if you still have the queries about how does a laser tag work.

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