Fun Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Your baby’s fourth (or sixth) birthday is just around the corner and you have no idea what to do. Some ideas come to your mind but you dismiss them just as quickly as they are formed. Well, here are some more fun ideas for you to dismiss (or not):

    1. Do nothing

Do nothing and hope your child doesn’t remember it’s his/her birthday. Be prepared to live with the guilt for a long time, though. Also, when your neighbor organizes a party for their kids’ birthdays, be prepared to explain to your teary and heartbroken child why he/she didn’t get one.

    1. An indoor party

Old but gold. When people don’t remember early to start planning their kids’ birthday parties, this is what they all fall back on. Get a cake, some drinks, prepare one or two kiddies’ delicacies and that’s all. Oh yes; organize entertainment and hope that the kids don’t get bored. Then you have to watch all the kids and make sure they don’t hurt themselves and when the party is over, take 3 days off to clean up goo from all your surfaces.

    1. Visit a trampoline park

Now consider this: a visit to an ultra-safe trampoline park. You can take your child and his/her friends to a trampoline park and let them bounce to their heart’s content. When they are done with that, a session at the bumper car track will have them laughing ceaselessly. Then you have the Gladiator Beam, basketball, dodgeball, and other fun-filled activities.

This super-fun visit can culminate at the pizzeria where pizza, wings, soft drinks, and other delicacies await. Know this: your child will tell tales of this birthday to his own kids!

Option 3 sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? You and your friends are free to relax, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up, and your kid gets an unforgettable birthday experience. Bliss!

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