Freeze Tag Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore

Alright, let’s all be honest here, schoolyard games during recess were one of the major highlights of our childhood days. Running around with your friends, making up rules that (probably) didn’t make any sense, and loving every minute of it with no care in the world. So, how do we get back to that?

Of all those games we played on a daily basis, freeze tag was undoubtedly one of the best there was to play. Should you have more than one person who was “it” running around trying to get everyone? How should you un-freeze players? Tag of a hand, crawling under their legs, Leap frog over them? The options were endless. Now think about if that field of grass you were playing on was super bouncy. Oh what your childhood self would have done.

Well wonder no more. Playing a re-vamped version of freeze tag at Flip N Fun in Houston will make all of your childhood dreams come true! Okay, maybe not all of them, but it’ll be an exciting twist to a classic game either way.

Let that imagination soar and come up with crazy new rules. Make that “tagger” jump with their feet together or side to side, run like you’re on the moon, or have a massive round where everyone has to alternate between jumping and seat-dropping for an added challenge. Book your next party with us and bring out the child in everyone. Give our events coordinator a call today at (832)602-5400. Bring out the kid in everyone and give them something to talk about for years to come.

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