Four Different Types Of Laser Tag Games You Should Try

A Star Wars fan knows what futuristic laser guns look like and how epic clashes with these weapons are. At a laser tag arena, such fantasies come to life. In the standard game, you get to play against your friends in a riveting match. Although the conventional match is enough to experience a dopamine rush, you can play many different types of laser tag games.

Zombie Rush:

In this game, you and your friends get to re-enact a zombie survival apocalypse. Everyone enters the arena, with most of the participants playing as zombies while the others participate as survivors.

The task is simple: the survivor group has to survive during the whole game hour to win. However, there is a twist! The zombies are actually smart and have laser guns. Now, the survivors have to make a hideout and sneak in and out of there.

Tagging a zombie will restrain their movement, allowing the survivors to slip past them. However, if a zombie gets hold of a survivor and tags them, team zombie will gain a new member.

Protect The VIP:

Do you ever want to be a part of the special ops team that secures the parameter while the president delivers a speech? In this variant of the game, you can experience just that.

A team will protect the VIP and keep him/her out of the opponent team’s sight. If the trustees manage to keep the VIP safe till the end of the game, they will win. However, if the opponent team outsmarts the protectors, the opponent team will win.

The winning criteria for the opponent team will be decided before the match. Thus, the opponent will try to satisfy these conditions to win. For example, to win, the opponent team must tag the VIP at least three times.


Here, a player has a limited number of lives. A player loses a life when tagged. When out of lifes, a player gets eliminated. This game is either played individually or in a team. The last group or player standing wins.

To experience an extreme and thrilling form of a death match, try playing with only one life. Another variant of this version is battle royale matches. In battle royale matches, steps are taken to discourage camping. Hence, a player is always on the move with their only life at stake.

Capture the flag:

In this game, each team has to guard a flag. The objective is to steal the flag and take it to your team’s base. Every successful heist helps gain winning points. However, if your team loses the flag, it will lead to a deduction and penalty. In the end, the team with the higher score wins.


Although only a few variants were discussed, there are many different types of laser tag games. However, a fun thing to notice is that one does not need unique equipment to play these games. All of these are the product of your creativity; you can create a game all on your own. In your creative ventures, Flip N Fun will always help. You can read about our laser tag arena through our website. In addition, you can call us at 832-602-5400.

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