Flip into Family Fun!

Your kids are out of school, and you don’t know what to do. With Thanksgiving this week, how do you keep them entertained but also out of the way with everything that needs to be done? You could hire a babysitter, but that gets expensive quickly. Putting them in front of the TV isn’t a great solution either. That’s why Flip n Fun Center, and other trampoline parks are here.

Are they whining that they’re bored? Do they have a ton of energy? You can cure boredom and help them use their energy by taking them to a trampoline park and letting them bounce it all out. If a kid says they know how to bounce already, challenge them — can they bounce with their hands on their head? How high can they bounce? If the bouncing isn’t enough, remind them they can play trampoline basketball or dodgeball, and watch their minds get blown as they figure out how to play. If you’ve got someone more competitive, there’s our gladiator matches, where two will battle it out until one falls into the soft pit below. There’s also traditional laser tag, where the whole family could do battle with each other. That might be a good way to get out frustration!

If you have family coming over for the holidays, whether they’re out of town or out of state, a trampoline park is also a great place to take guests. While many trampoline parks have been popping up all over the country, not every state has them and this is a fun way to show relatives what they’re missing. Adults might think that the trampoline park is only for kids, and end up watching on the side, but all ages can bounce! Of course, if the bouncing really isn’t for them, there’s a quiet zone where parents and adults can sit and relax. While the kids bounce away, adults can chat and catch up on the news without having to worry about bored kids.

Flip n Fun Center has a lot to offer to bored kids, people who’ve never been to a trampoline park before, families of all ages and sizes, and even adults who might not want to bounce. You’ve got the time off and so does your child — why wait?

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