At Flip N Fun Center, we work hard to have the best indoor trampoline park in the industry. That means we want to keep our guests as safe as possible, minimize injuries, and do all we can to ensure you have a great time and leave with a “bounce” in your step!

To have the most injury-free fun possible, be cool and observe these simple rules:

FAQs – Browse these FAQs to get the FACTS about Flip N Fun!

Are we allowed to fill waivers online for birthday parties and events?

Wavers for birthday parties and events will have to be filled in person on a paper.

What can I wear?

Anything comfortable with no hard or sharp edges.

Do I need to wear those silly socks to jump?

Yes! Our stylish Grip Flip socks are required for all jumpers and are $2/pair per guest. You only need to purchase them once and can bring them back for future visits! All your friends will want them!

What if I have socks from a different facility, can I wear them?

Yes, We allow socks from other facilities as long as they have rubber grips.

Do I need reservation?

No! Jump in and bounce with us anytime! But, to guarantee the absolute best preparations for your event or birthday party, you must make a reservation.

Are there other activities besides jumping?

Absolutely! We have Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Sky Trail, Rock Wall and lots of Arcade Games, with a lounge when you’ve had enough fun (or just need a break)!

Are we allowed to bring in our own decorations for reserved birthday parties?

Yes, you are allowed to bring in balloons and table decor. We do not allow for wall decorations.

Can I get a deal for my group or organization to have an event at your park?

Of course! Call us for pricing and to make the all-important reservation.

Do I need a reservation for Laser Tag?

No! No reservations are needed for individual play. However, groups and parties may reserve games in advance.

Is Laser Tag really safe?

Laser Tag is an indoor physical activity. While it is supervised at all times, and we do our absolute best to prohibit running and ensure strict adherence to all the rules, we cannot assume any responsibility for any injuries that may occur. Our lasers are the best quality, and have not been directly linked with any adverse health effects. We also use a commercial fog to kick up game play, which is composed of food-grade mineral oil (cool, huh?). If you are asthmatic, epileptic, have a heart condition, are currently pregnant, suffer from any health condition, or just hate flashing lights and artificial fog, you must decide if a game of laser Tag will be detrimental to your health condition or mental state. We cannot give medical advice as to whether or not Laser Tag will pose a risk given your individual health record.

Do Laser Tag players need to sign a waiver?

Yes, waivers are required. In addition, players are required.

How old must I be to play Laser Tag?

We do not have an age limit. Instead, the player has to be 40″ to play.

Are children ages 2 and under free?

Yes, they are free with an adult(18 or older) pass purchase. Please do not forget about the grip socks as they are required for both children and adults.

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