Experience Balance Beam Fun in a New Way

Do your kids find the balance beam boring and pointless? If so, they are not alone. Unless kids have an interest in activities such as gymnastics, a balance beam doesn’t make for much of a fun time. At Flip N Fun we believe that even the most seemingly mundane piece of equipment can reach its full potential with just a few tweaks.

Gladiator Balance Beam

Do your kids enjoy the thrill of battle? When the kids are playing too many console war games and not getting enough exercise, you need Gladiator Balance Beam. Two champions enter and two champions leave, with both having experienced the thrill of combat in a fun and safe environment.

Gladiator Balance Beam involves two contestants balancing on a beam and fighting it out until one, or both, lose their footing and drop into the pit below. You may be thinking at this stage that Gladiator Balance Beam sounds incredibly dangerous, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Safety Precautions

During the challenge, both kids are fitted with helmets and pads for their protection. The balance beam itself is also padded so there are no edges or hard surfaces to fall onto. Battle requires the use of pugil sticks which, you guessed it, are padded so as not to hurt the kids’ taking part.

The only thing you need to worry about is the pit, which is filled with live crocodiles. Wait, did we say crocodiles? What we actually meant is foam blocks for a soft landing. The reality is, Gladiator Balance Beam is just a fun way for your kids to experience adrenalin packed adventure without getting hurt.

Do your kids need Gladiator Balance Beam in their lives? Call Flip N Fun today to book your session. Whether it’s for a special event or just a day out, we guaranty your kids will love all our centre has to offer.

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