Do You Know You Can Lose Weight with Floor Trampoline?

Are you worried about your increased weight and have tried many diets to reduce it without any luck? If yes, then we have an easy and exciting solution for your weight loss. Floor Trampoline at Flip N Fun can reduce your weight while making you enjoy it.

How does floor trampoline work?

Many may wonder whether trampoline actually helps in reducing weight. If done persistently with a balanced diet, reducing weight with the help of a trampoline can be exciting and extremely easy. It is difficult to predict the exact amount of weight that a person would lose with trampoline as it would vary from person to person and would also depend on the amount of time spent on the trampoline. But a person would lose weight that is a guarantee. People also try rebounding for weight loss.

Though jumping on a trampoline is a low-intensity exercise, but the results are similar to that of running. Along with weight reduction, jumping on a trampoline can increase a person’s spatial awareness and can also improve balance. There can be times when a person burns more calories by jumping than by running for the same number of hours.

What else helps?

Jumping on a trampoline with the intention of losing weight would work better when you maintain your calorie intake. When the calories you lose are more than the calories you intake, you start losing weight. This means, along with exercising on a floor trampoline, you also need to adjust your diet and calorie intake. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, during a week, a person should engage in 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise. And if you intend to lose weight, then 300 minutes of moderate exercise is a must.

A person can also join classes for losing weight with a floor trampoline and pay a huge amount of money to the trainer. But if you do not wish to give away that much amount, you should visit Flip N Fun and, in a minimum amount, lose your weight as per your own comfort. Call us today on (832) 602-5400 and take all the necessary details about our trampolines.

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