Celebrate the End of Summer with These 3 Laser Tag Games

Summer is almost over, and what better way to go out with a bang then with a great laser tag game. Let’s explore the best selection around.

One of the best ways to get your children, or even your adults, off the couch is with laser tag. This fun-filled activity not only gives your child something to do, but it also improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This means it’s healthy and educational in a way.

The Best in Laser Tag

So, laser tag is your choice for ending the summer with a bang. There are a few outstanding laser tag sets that will provide the best game ever. Here are the top three choices.

Laser X

Play with only a few people or a large group, it doesn’t matter. The good thing about this gaming set is that it comes with two vests, two guns, but a large number of vest targets. Also, when the shot hits home, the vest vibrates to alert the victim that they’ve been hit. Now, that’s interactive play at its best.

Nerf Laser Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger-2 Pack

This is a beginner set, but still a quality laser tag game. With this set, however, the hit registers with not only vibration, but with sounds and lights as well. Hits and ammo are also registered on the gun itself as well. The most outstanding feature of all is the reload feature which requires you to level the gun and eject the magazine.

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case-4 Pack

This set comes with guns and vests for 4 players and has a range of up to 120 ft. This provides the option of playing indoors or out. Also, you can enjoy the various competition modes included in the set. This is a high quality, yet simple set for beginners and seasoned players.

Enjoy a Round of Laser Tag

When you find the laser tag set you like best, make sure you get out there and have some fun. Flip N Fun provides a great way to try out your new laser tag game in a safe and friendly environment. Come enjoy the fun and end summer the right way.

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