Capture the Flag: The Ultimate Way to Spice Up Your Next Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is a fun activity that everyone loves. But do you know how you can make the experience even better? By playing Capture the Flag Laser Tag! Switching up the playing modes can make laser tag 10 times more enjoyable.

If you’re in the mood for an exciting laser tag adventure with your friends, capture the flag is the way to go. Hit up your friends or family and call them for

laser tag, but with increased stakes. Capture the flag laser tag championship! (but really, you can just play a single game if you want to).
You can have a bit of competition while having a fun time. In this article, we go through all you need to know for the best capture the flag laser tag tournament.

What You Need to Play CTF Laser Tag

If you don’t already know, capturing the opposing team’s flag and bringing it back to your base will win the game. You can spice up the game by agreeing on some extra rewards for the winning party. For example, the losing team has to pay for the winning team’s dinner. Adding such prizes will definitely make everyone want to win more, making it more competitive.

But before you begin, here is what you’ll need to play capture the flag laser tag:

  • At least 4 players. This is not a game to play one-on-one. As the adage goes: the more, the merrier!
  • A spacious area to play the game.
  • Two flags in different colors, one for each team. You can substitute the flag for any other item (although the name does have ‘flag’ in it)

Playing Capture the Flag Laser Tag

Finally, let’s discuss how you will play the game. Now that you’ve grabbed at least four people, stick to these:

  • Ideally, a distance of 100 meters or more is where you place the flag. But putting the flags as far away from each other as possible is important.
  • Make sure the flag isn’t entirely visible, at least not in the beginning. But the rival team should be able to see it when they get close.
  • The game starts with each team positioned within a few meters from their flag. Hence, both teams can stand around 10 feet from their flags.
  • Choose a signal to communicate to the other team that you’re ready. It could be a whistle or a text message — your choice.
  • Before you start playing, decide on the number of lives each team has. When someone loses all their lives, they’re out of the game.
  • The prime reason you’re playing this game is to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it back to your base. Do that! And when you’re on it, avoid getting shot.
  • Last one to bring the flag to their base is a loser!

Invite Your Friends for a Laser Tag Match!

If you feel the excitement coursing through your veins after reading this, then what are you waiting for? Visit Flip N Fun for a lively time with your friends and family. Just give us a ring at (832) 602-5400.

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