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What Are Some Of The Best 90s Arcade Games?

October 15, 2021

Playing a game has never been this easy; all you have to do is switch on your mobile phone, download a game you like, and play or chose to play something on a gaming console. But did you know how it was to play games in the nineties? The fun and the excitement of those … Continue reading “What Are Some Of The Best 90s Arcade Games?”

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Bumper Cars At An Amusement Park

September 30, 2021

Amusement parks are an amazing place for your whole family. It is a place that takes adults back to their childhood and also lets your children play and have fun. Swings, slides, adventure, games, fun are some of the most common activities available. And one of the most loved activities kids are waiting to enjoy … Continue reading “Bumper Cars At An Amusement Park”

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Now that Summers Are Over Let The Laser Tag Fun Begin

September 15, 2021

So as schools are open again, we can officially call it the end of summers. But do you know what does it mean for our laser tag lovers? This is now going to be one of the busiest coming months for us because you can celebrate these upcoming events with your family and friends at … Continue reading “Now that Summers Are Over Let The Laser Tag Fun Begin”

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Fun Places for Kids | Games and Amusement Parks

July 30, 2021

Traveling or visiting several places can be a rewarding experience that makes life-long memories for everyone. The place which can be thrilling for your children also are fun places for kids. These can be the ones having children’s games, toys, and swings. They can be amusement parks, zoos, or fun lands. And the place dearer … Continue reading “Fun Places for Kids | Games and Amusement Parks”

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How indoor rock climbing wall is beneficial for children

July 15, 2021

Do you want to introduce your child to a new type of physical activity that will help him grow in strength and confidence? If this is the case, then an indoor rock climbing wall will be a good fit. Indoor rock climbing may not seem like an obvious activity for young children. Nonetheless, it is … Continue reading “How indoor rock climbing wall is beneficial for children”

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What Do You Think? Is Laser Tag Better Than Paintball?

June 30, 2021

When the argument is between laser tag and paintball, it’s hard to take sides. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. The best thing about laser tag is that it’s pain-free; you can keep playing it for hours, and you won’t feel any pain in your body. Paintball, however, is quite a painful ordeal. When … Continue reading “What Do You Think? Is Laser Tag Better Than Paintball?”

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You Can Now Do Your Favorite Summer Activity During Winters Too. Here’s How?

June 15, 2021

Winter is the time of the year when we stop doing our favorite summer activity and instead choose to bundle up next to the fire to stay warm. It’s when we eat heavy foods and get more sleep than we usually do. It’s also the time of the year when we tend to gain a … Continue reading “You Can Now Do Your Favorite Summer Activity During Winters Too. Here’s How?”

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How Does A Visit To The Trampoline Park Become Activity Time?

May 30, 2021

At the trampoline park, your child will be surrounded by other children; where they will play with them and participate in games, and all this time, their body will be completing exercises. Research has proven that children under the age of six need to exercise their body for at least one hour a day. At … Continue reading “How Does A Visit To The Trampoline Park Become Activity Time?”

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Where Education Meets Fun

May 15, 2021

Sitting in a classroom and listening to long lectures makes it hard for a child to concentrate and is seriously dull. When it comes to education, physical activity propels the mind. It doesn’t mean your child needs to be singing the alphabet and playing basketball simultaneously. Instead, introduce your child to activities and games that … Continue reading “Where Education Meets Fun”

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Inflatables! Did You Know How Old They Are?

April 30, 2021

The structure for inflatables was designed by John Scurlock in 1959 when he was in Shreveport, Louisiana. Scurlock. At that time, he was working on creating inflatable covers for enclosed spaces. When he saw his colleagues were jumping on the covers he designed, enjoying themselves, and having a great time, he further inquired. Soon he … Continue reading “Inflatables! Did You Know How Old They Are?”

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