Best Arcade Games of All Time

Arcade games are thriving today, where gamers can virtually have any game at their fingertips.
For many people, it is still a unique experience they can’t get at home. The atmosphere, sounds, and social aspects under one roof appeal to every enthusiastic arcade person. Furthermore, certain games are better designed for the arcade control scheme and environment. Read on to learn what you can experience at Flip N Fun arcade bar so that you can get ready for action.

Arcade Games That Are Still Ruling

  1. Tetris:
    It’s one of the favorite arcade games of all time because of the challenge that it presents.
    You’re given differently-shaped pieces one at a time, and you aim to stack these blocks together in the most efficient way possible. Every time you fill a line, it goes away, and you earn points. You can plug multiple lines at once, too, and enjoy the satisfaction of your board becoming half its height.
    As the game progresses, the blocks will move more quickly to make the game more challenging.
    In addition, this game boosts quick thinking and raises your spatial awareness, which enhances your memory and even combats memories or traumatic experiences. Tetris is nothing short of a healing force.
  2. Space Invaders:
    It’s another excellent arcade game that almost everyone knows of. It’s profound and simple at the same time.
    It invented the difficulty curve that let games get more and more challenging as the player moved through levels. This has been an old-school staple in arcade games ever since. In the present time, game creators take inspiration from space invaders. Space Invaders is a fixed shooter game where you move horizontally across the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to shoot down shifting aliens as they move toward your edge of the screen. You need to shoot all of them down before they reach your spaceship, and the game ends if they do.
    This game is also remarkable because it loops endlessly. You can play until aliens overrun your ship, start over, and work to beat your previous high score. Hence, this is part of what makes Space Invaders so addictive.
  3. Donkey Kong:
    All of us are familiar with the loveable Mario Brothers, and Donkey Kong was the first game that introduced us to Mario.
    Our beloved Italian plumber was initially called Jump Man.
    But he was undoubtedly the character we now know and cherish.
    Your mission is to take Mario and make him jump on a quest to the top of tall and twisted towers to rescue a princess from a monster called Donkey Kong. The best of all is you do this while dodging obstacles that Donkey Kong throws at you.
    This mostly means barrels that hurtle down at you from all areas of the screen.
  4. Frogger:
    This is a classic action-based game that essentially asks you to complete an obstacle course. You play as a series of frogs that need to get home. Unfortunately for them, their home is on the other side of a busy street, which is threatening to them.
    You migrate to your destination by dodging cars and other obstacles like bugs on the road. When you get to the river, you need to navigate it through a series of logs.
    Don’t slide off the screen or accidentally leap onto a monstrous creature that will end your game.
    Like most arcade games, Frogger becomes more and more difficult as you complete each level.
    This is probably one reason it was once called one of the greatest video games ever.
  5. Pong:
    The simplest yet addictive arcade game ever made, Pong. All you have to do is keep your ping-pong ball on your side of the screen by maneuvering paddles. All you have to do is shoot it off the other end of the screen and earn a point. It’s digital table tennis or air hockey with simple and easy-to-use graphics.
    However, Pong has evolved into a massive phenomenon with tons of variants. You can get similar games on your smartphone now with more complex images and colorful interfaces.
    Still, nothing quite beats the foundational arcade game that started it all.

Final Thought

Arcade games are highly diverse and, for the most part, are all extremely fun. Still, some do stand out from the rest. Now that you know the best arcade games, it’s time to plan a trip to the Flip N Fun arcade section and get the kick and thrill.
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