Are you Celebrating Flippin’ 40? Why Not Try a Party Center?

You’re never too old to have fun. To organize a super fun flippin’ 40 extravaganzas, why not check out a party center for ideas! Trampolines, games, and snacks – now were talkin’.

A party center is the best place to enjoy your birthday. When it comes to milestones, you definitely want an experience to remember. Forget settling for ordinary cake and balloons, you need fun and loads of it. What you need is an adventure – fueled by pizza, and maybe a few other games to make you feel like a kid again. Turning 40? So what? You can have fun just like the rest of them.

What the Party Center Provides

Every party center is different and provides a variety of activities. For instance, while one establishment might offer laser tag another might offer an arcade. Laser tag, a simulated adventure with flashing lights, fog or other special effects, creates a battle environment for the best shooters out there.You may also find safety-enhanced trampolines for children and adults alike where you can jump, wrestle and turn flips…just for fun!


Family favorite snacks like pizza, wings and cold beverages takes the party experience to a whole new level. Play a while, and then tame your tummy. Partry centers even offer delicious salads for a healthy snack choice.

Classic Fun

If you’re searching for classic fun and games, the party center offers activities like bumper cars. Grab a friend or two and enjoy a rough and fun ride in one of several colorful cars, ready to spin, bump and turn to your heart’s desire. It’s a head-on collision that will leave you laughing and breathless.

Let’s Get Ready To Party

The party center offers all sorts of fun, even for those over 40. Contact Flip N Fun to arrange your birthday bash and take advantage of all our special deals. You won’t regret it. This will be a birthday to remember for a long time.

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