Amaze your friends with exciting trampoline tricks

Do you remember the days when family and friends gave you birthday bumps? Those bumps were enjoyable and at the same time, exciting. The feeling to be in the air, even for a few seconds, was thrilling. If you are missing your good old days, then we can bounce you with our trampoline and bring your memories back. You will also get a chance to show off in front of your friends with your trampoline tricks.

Trampolines are entertaining. Normally people would think they are for kids to enjoy, but the reality of the fact is that the adults enjoy it more than the kids. We all look at the entertainment side when the trampoline would bounce you; what we unconsciously ignore is the health benefits it brings along with the enjoyment. With a variety of trampoline tricks that you display, your health improves.

Try some basic trampoline tricks

When you get bored of continuously jumping up and down on the trampoline, you would feel the need to do something extra and exciting. If you know some basic trampoline tricks, you will not only be getting entertained but will also leave your friends stunned.

The double bounce

For a double bounce, at least two people should be jumping on the trampoline. When both the partners jump together, one will land on the pad a few microseconds before the other. With his/her weight on the pad, the one who was in the air for a longer duration will get a double jump when he/she lands on the trampoline. This trick will be fun and exciting to make the other partner have a double jump.

Front flip

This is a simple yet exciting trick to enjoy jumping on the trampoline. When you jump in the air, tuck your legs inside and push yourself forward. This will make you flip over before you would land on the trampoline.

Back flip

Just like the front flip, backflips are enjoyable. When you jump, after tucking your legs inward, push yourself backward rather than forward, and you will experience a backflip.

These and many more trampoline tricks would make the experience of jumping on a trampoline a delightful one. So, next time you visit Flip n Fun try these trampoline tricks, and be proud to show your talent in front of your friends.

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