Air Dodgeball

Are you old enough to remember playing dodgeball in school? Even if you’ve played before, our version of dodgeball is completely different. And for those of you who’ve never played dodgeball, it’s a simple game.

Dodgeball is a game where players on two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. It sounds pretty simple, but it can get intense — quickly! The main objective is to get the opposing team’s players out by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them. There are a lot of variations on the game, because it can be played anywhere with enough space and enough balls.

Our variation? Just add trampolines! Have you ever seen someone flip over the ball when it’s been thrown at them? You will here! Instead of staying on the ground to get hit, why not try jumping into the air? With the addition of trampolines, dodgeball becomes a lot more intense and a lot more fun. You’ll never think about going back to ground dodgeball again — and if it’s your first time playing dodgeball, you’ll be hooked.

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