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FLIP N’ FUN center features these great activities


Every component in our facility is manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure your satisfaction. Each trampoline features the heaviest frame system in the industry, as well as redundant beds, (a backup safety system beneath the main jumping surface) and custom springs (we use twice as many as our competitors). Enjoy safe jumping fun for all ages, including a jump area just for kids 8 and under.


Fear no shame in your game in our 3 Basketball trampoline game areas with Slam Dunk Zone! Shoot, dunk, compete, and get air like never before. How far can you jump and score? Trampolines add a totally new dimension to an ordinary game of basketball that will keep you coming back for more.


If you think ordinary dodgeball is intense, try a game in one of our 2 Dodgeball Trampoline Arenas! Jump, soar, dodge, and eliminate your opponents from midair, all within the safety of an enclosed dodgeball court. One game of air-dodgeball and you will never settle for the ground-based version again.

Gladiator Battle Beam

Challenge other Gladiators to a tricky battle to the finish while balanced on a padded beam over a pit filled with foam blocks! Kids wear helmets and use padded pugil sticks to try to knock each other off the beam and into the pit. Both victor and vanquished will enjoy safe, physical fun and emerge ready to challenge their friends to the next duel.

Bumper Cars

Slam and jam with your family and friends while belted securely in one of our 8 colorful Bumper Cars! This timeless favorite let’s everyone be in the driver’s seat. Are you an expert at avoiding other cars? How many cars can you bump in one lap? You’re in control as you go head-to-head with others in a bumper car battle.

Area 51 Laser Tag

Nothing is what it seems in the secret, forbidden environs of Area 51. What or who will you encounter as you blend strategy with bold action to defeat the opposite team? Our Laser Tag arena combines an eerie setting of fog and flashing black lights to create challenging game play with up to 24 Game Phasers, including a special Phaser for the birthday kid! Enjoy free play or book your reservations for parties or events in the best Laser Tag arena in Houston. We do require minimum height requirement of 46 inches.

Kids Party Rooms

Invite your friends and host the coolest bash in the Houston area! Enjoy cake and refreshments in a reserved party room before exploring all the Flip N’ Fun Center activities. Ask about our party packages that include combinations of Flip N’ Fun Center activities, a party room, food, drinks, and your own party host!

Flip N' Fun Center Lounge

Looking for a place to sink low while others jump high? Relax and enjoy comfortable seating with cool beverages, pizza, wings, and a variety of salads in our Flip N’ Fun Center Lounge. It’s a great place to recharge and refuel for the next round of family fun.

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