A New Way To Exercise

If you’re trying to get in better shape or perhaps train for a certain sport or event, there are several ways to do this. However, it is possible that you’re not thrilled with your choices. Joining a gym, for example, can be pretty pricey. And while traditional exercises like jogging or weight lifting can be effective, they can also get boring over time. If you’re looking for a new way to get a great workout, it’s time to think about rebounding.

What is rebounding, exactly? It’s exercise that uses a rebounder — or what’s better known as a mini trampoline. Yes, you can enjoy trampoline fun at home, too! If you’re thinking about taking up trampoline exercise at home, it’s important that you first talk to a medical professional about how to safely exercise. It’s also doubly important when you’re purchasing the trampoline to make sure that you do it professionally (through a sports store, for example, which will allow you to test before you buy) and safely. It’s easy to have fun at a trampoline park without thinking about that, because we’ve done the safety work for you, but never skip this step at home.

Most cardio exercises are tough on our knees and ankles, but rebounding provides a low-impact workout because it absorbs a lot of the impact. Plus, a trampoline engages so many muscles at one time, including your legs, thighs, butt, and stomach. It’s also just a great way to get moving again if you’ve had knee or ankle problems in the past that have kept you from working out. It might be hard to think about bouncing on a trampoline as a workout, but that’s also half the point. You’ll want to do it because it’s fun!

Rebounding also helps improve your sense of balance. Jumping on a trampoline (and going every which way) improves your core muscles, because you’re stabilizing yourself without even knowing it. A stronger core leads to better balance, improves your posture, and makes for much better health all around. Have you ever laughed so hard your chest hurt? That’s a core workout right there — but with the trampoline, it won’t hurt! Continued exercise will help you stay healthy, both with weight loss and with your overall immune system.

And above all, bouncing on a trampoline is just fun.

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