7 Fun Facts About Laser Tag

Laser tag is like a high-tech variation of hide-and-seek, with guns that fire laser beams. In addition to being an exciting game for participants of all ages, laser tag also has an interesting back story. Here are some fun facts about the game we all love:

  • Laser tag was invented in 1979 in Dallas, Texas. It was originally supposed to be a Star Trek-based game, but several years and adaptations later, the game was separated from the series.
  • In Midwestern USA, laser tag is a people’s favorite. As a matter of fact, it is more popular than miniature golf in the region.
  • The United States military was among the first organizations to leverage the benefits of laser tag. Soldiers used the game to finetune combat training and target practice in the late 70s.
  • These days, corporate organizations plan laser tag outings for their workers. The game has been known to improve leadership, workplace communication, and inter-staff cooperation. It also doesn’t hurt that it brings so much fun.
  • Laser tag has over 20 different variations. Random themes and features can be added to keep things interesting.
  • In a betrayal of its name, there are no lasers in laser tag. What everybody calls lasers are really infrared beams. Infrared beams are safer than lasers, which can be quite harmful.
  • The fog in laser tag arenas serves as a projector for the beams. Without that hazy atmosphere, the infrared beams cannot be seen. This information may come in handy during your next game.

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