5 Pointers to Solve the Battle – Round vs Rectangle Trampoline

The joy of having an indoor or, as a matter of fact, an outdoor trampoline is not easily forgotten. However, deciding the kind of trampoline from various available models is challenging because of certain factors. These include different shapes and sizes, frame strength, bouncing quality, safety measures, cost, weight limits, and more, depending on the trampoline shape. It is a long-term investment, so which one is better? Let’s battle it out between round vs. rectangle trampoline.

Which Is The Best Shape For Trampoline – Rectangle or Round?

The 2 most common shapes used for trampoline shall be assessed on the basis of the following parameters:

Frame Strength

Frame strength is a crucial feature of every kind of trampoline. The first consideration for frame strength is not shape but instead the material to make it. Few trampoline variants have simple steel in them. Such frames are more susceptible to rust and damage from regular use.

For frame strength, opt for galvanized steel than a plain one. Galvanized steel has a higher resistance power against rust. Also, the strength means your trampoline will have a more extended warranty. Few variants of trampolines offer powder-coated frame which is designed to prevent rust and other degradation.

Which shape offers better frame strength of the trampoline, rectangular or circular? The 2 shapes are on equal footing when it comes to frame strength. As long as both shapes, be it a round or rectangle trampoline, have frames of the same material, they should have equal power.

Bouncing Ability and Quality

This feature is most important to the kids. How high can you bounce on the trampoline? Well, the bouncing quality depends somewhat on size and more so on shape. A smaller size of trampoline offers a much lower bounce and vice versa. Therefore, if you want your children not to soar up high, choose wisely, and go for a smaller-sized model.

On the other hand, a rectangle trampoline has a higher bounce capability than a round one. Why does that happen? Well, a rectangular shape allows equal rebound. It does not matter on which spot you jump on a rectangular trampoline; your bounce will have equal height and power because not all of the springs are used for jumping.


Safety is the most crucial factor when it comes to leisure activity. It is an exhilarating task. Therefore the makers must ensure that the bounce does not hit the user’s ankle. You can always go for smaller-sized and round-shaped trampolines for a comparatively safer bounce. Moreover, the use of net is quite common with other shapes.


Price is dependent on various other factors:
Materials: The material you select for the jumping surface affects the price.
Size: The larger the size, the more it will cost.
Used or New: You can get new or used trampolines. A new one typically costs more than a used model. However, will be sturdier and last longer.
Shape: Different shapes mean different prices. However, usually, round trampolines are more affordable because of their popularity and density in the market.


Know your purpose, is it solely being bought for fun? Or any athletic reason? Well, round trampolines are a better choice if the plan is exclusively recreational. It limits the height of bounces and the landing spots. The circular shape brings the jumpers back towards the center. This feature is excellent for younger children and people who want to have fun


The joy of using a trampoline is par excellence. Make sure that their experience is safe and fruitful. If you are looking for expert opinions, talk to our professionals at Flip and Fun Trampoline Park or ditch the hassle and join us.

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