5 Fun Facts About Trampolines

Why do you need to know fun facts about trampolines? Well, for one, no knowledge is wasted and you never know when you need an icebreaker to start an interesting discussion with your heartthrob. Also, when visiting a trampoline park, these fun facts may come in handy to impress other guests. Here we go:

  1. How was the name “trampoline” coined?
    The trampoline was invented by gymnast George Nissen in 1936. While performing in Mexico, Nissen was affectionately named ‘Campeon de Trampolin’ which roughly translates to diving board champion. He named his invention after the nickname.
  2. The first animal to bounce on a trampoline
    While trying to promote his creation in New York in 1965, Nissen jumped on a trampoline alongside a kangaroo at Central Park. It must have worked.
  3. NASA once used trampolining to train astronauts
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is rumored to have used trampolines to train future astronauts. Apparently, bouncing on a trampoline helps them get used to the constant bouncing on zero-gravity space flights.
  4. Where is the world’s largest trampoline?
    The largest trampoline in the world is in North Wales. Named Bounce Below, the bouncing surface is underground and it is said to accommodate 100 bouncers comfortably. It is rumored to have a vertical leap of 80 ft.
  5. Longest time spent bouncing on a trampoline
    In 1986, six men from the Delta Epsilon fraternity of Cleveland State University bounced for 53 straight days. WOW! This feat earned them the world record and a call from their frat brother, Ronald Reagan.

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