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June 22, 2018

You’re never too old to have fun. To organize a super fun flippin’ 40 extravaganzas, why not check out a party center for ideas! Trampolines, games, and snacks – now were talkin’. A party center is the best place to enjoy your birthday. When it comes to milestones, you definitely want an experience to remember. … Continue reading “Are you Celebrating Flippin’ 40? Why Not Try a Party Center?”

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June 13, 2018

Dodging Without Crashing What are bumper cars? They are fun rides by children and adults in amusement parks. They are powered by electricity, either from the wire mesh in the ceiling,in the old days, or from the floor of the room, as most are today. These electric components power the cars. An operator turns the electricity … Continue reading “Flip N Fun Facts About Bumper Cars”

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June 11, 2018

Do your kids find the balance beam boring and pointless? If so, they are not alone. Unless kids have an interest in activities such as gymnastics, a balance beam doesn’t make for much of a fun time. At Flip N Fun we believe that even the most seemingly mundane piece of equipment can reach its … Continue reading “Experience Balance Beam Fun in a New Way”

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June 11, 2018

Trampoline basketball is fast becoming one of the most popular hobby sports in the country. Successful college athletes are leading the way in perfecting technique, as well as improving stamina and cardio on the court. Trampoline Basketball Science When you play basketball on a traditional court you lose a significant amount of kinetic energy with … Continue reading “Trampoline Basketball: Take Your Game to New Heights”

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June 11, 2018

While getting hit in a real car is not fun at all, bumper cars can be a great way to release some road rage in a safe environment. Slamming your bumper car into your brother’s car or knocking your best friend across the course can be a blast. But have you ever wondered how bumper … Continue reading “How Bumper Cars Operate”

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June 11, 2018

The craze sweeping the nation for the ultimate elimination game is dodgeball trampoline. This game combines the competitiveness of dodgeball with the fun and flexibility of multiple trampolines, making it both fun and challenging. However, no one wants to injure another player or get hurt themselves when playing a game. If you are playing dodgeball … Continue reading “Playing Dodgeball Trampoline Safely”

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